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Gold Coast Accommodation

  • Bathroom ceiling leaking/Aircon unit leaking water.
    Bathroom ceiling leaking water Air conditioning unit is located in the bathroom ceiling. Sometimes when the drain pipe gets blocked water will come from there. If this happens please contact manager ASAP
  • Aircon is not cooling
    Aircon NOT Cooling or Reduced Cooling 1. Check that the correct operating mode has been selected (Cool but not ventilate). 2. Check if any doors or windows are open. 3. Check that Eco mode is not selected.
  • Ceiling fan/light not working.
    Please leave the wall switches on and use the remote to turn the ceiling fan/light on/off. Remember to put the remote back when you check out.
  • Messages/Mail/parcels receiving
    All mail, parcels and messages are held at Reception for collection. Our postal address is: 46-52 Pacific St, Main Beach, Qld 4217
  • What should I do if I checked in after hours?
    For self-check in guest please visit Reception the next day during office hours to complete your registration, finalise your lease agreement and reactive the FOB as the FOB only works 24 hours after check in.
  • Laundry information.
    A washing machine, clothes dryer and iron/ironing board are located in your room. Please do not put sandy items into the clothes dryer. All items need to be washed and spun dried before they are inserted into the dryer. Do not leave the machine running whilst out of the apartment.
  • Tour desk. (Sea world, Movie world, Dream world and other theme parks)
    Our Reception doubles as a tour desk for your convenience. Please take the time to look through the brochure boards in the foyer area for ideas. The tour desk offers tickets to most attractions, car hire and transfers for no additional fee which will save you time waiting in queues. If you wish to book or get further information please enquire at Reception or visit our website:
  • What can I do if I lost my key?
    If keys are lost, please contact Reception so a replacement can be arranged. A replacement charge of $100 (incl. GST) will apply to lost keys. If an after-hours call out is required, a further fee will apply.
  • Maintenance/Breakages/Security info.
    Maintenance Please report all maintenance issues or other irregularities to Reception immediately when discovered. We will have them remedied as soon as possible. Breakages We understand that breakages do happen. We ask that all breakages be reported to Reception. Charges may apply. Security Please keep all windows and balcony doors locked when you leave your apartment, especially if leaving for the day. Storms can arise at any time and cause damage. Please help us make your stay an enjoyable one. Please look after your valuables and secure your apartment. Despite stringent security measures, neither management nor the Body Corporate accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage of your possessions in or around the Resort.
  • How often do I get a room service clean?
    Units are serviced weekly if you stay 7 or more nights, this service is included in your accommodation costs. All units are fully equipped with laundry facilities. Should you require a daily service or fresh linen, this can be provided for an additional fee.
  • Can I invite my friends/visitors come over?
    Guests need to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their visitors behave in an appropriate manner and respect the peaceful enjoyment of others. Guests must accompany their visitors when using the resort facilities. There is a room policy that each apartment can only have Maximum 3 visitors and must leave before 11pm. If using visitors car park on the ground floor you must register the car details through our website or on the counter. Thank you for you cooperation.
  • Where is my parking spot?
    Underground secure car parking is provided in the basement and strictly one park per unit. Your parking is allocated and the parking number is attached to your keys, however if the spot is taken, you are free to park in the visitor park on the ground floor, and we will sort it out for you in the morning.
  • Public transport info. Buses/Taxis
    You can book a Taxi with ease! Located at the Reception desk is a Taxi Butler Service. You just push the button on the machine and a Taxi will be ordered to collect you from Maldives Resort Reception. There are also bus stops and Tram stations within walking distance. To find a journey or timetables please visit: Or call TRANSLlink on: 13 12 30
  • Garbage/Bin chute location
    A garbage disposal chute is located between units 02 and 03 on the opposite wall in the hallway on each floor. Please read the chute rules on the wall before use. Also there are two big General waste and recycling bins are located next to the lift area in the basement.
  • What should I do if I need to check out early in the morning?
    If you are checking out early before reception is open please ensure you have everything from your apartment and your car out of the Basement Car park. Park outside Reception and drop your key into the KEY RETURN BOX, located at Reception desk under the safe.
  • Are pets allowed in the room/building?
    Due to ‘Health Authority Regulations’ and ‘Body Corporate By-Laws’, pets are not permitted on the premises.
  • Do I need to book to use the BBQ area?
    Yes please check the booking list on the BBQ bench top. If your time is available please write down you room number and your using period on the booking list. Please also notify the reception to make sure BBQ is open for you to use at that time.
  • What is the reception working hours?
    OUR OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sunday: 9 am - 12 noon Hours may be affected by public holidays.
  • How do I watch Foxtel/Pay Tv/Tv
    There are two remotes in living room for Tv and Foxtel device. Basicly use TV remote to select the sauce by pressing either SAUCE/INPUT/→□ Select either HDMI1/HDMI2/AV to watch Foxtel, then use Foxtel remote to select channels. Select TV/DTV to watch free to air channels. * Different Tv has different settings, please refer to the black folder room compendium to check the settings.
  • What is the pool/spa area open time?
    Pool, heated spa and BBQ hours are 7am to 9pm 7 days, located through the courtyard from Reception. Please feel free to use these facilities. You will need your room FOB to get access in/out to the pool area.
  • Should I book for Beauty Salon service?
    Yes. Mirage Beauty is located in the resort. Please book an appointment by calling Patricia: 0419 020 405.
  • How do I use Wifi/Internet service?
    Free Wi-Fi is available in the building. •Open your device Wi-Fi settings and find ‘FreedomShared@Maldives’ •The Log in page will pop up automatically; If not please open your browser and visit: •Use the Log in voucher provided at check in to activate. Please enjoy our fast speed and unlimited data Internet service provided by Freedom Internet. Contact reception if you encounter problems or call: Freedom Internet Australia 3067 3676
  • What should I do if my parking space been taken?
    We are sorry to see if your car space been taken. This may caused by someone didn't know the parking rules. We will sort this out in the morning. Please park in the visitor park on the ground floor, do not park randomly in the basement. Or simply send us a SMS to let us know we may be able to provide you another space.
  • Fire alarm information
    Fire alarms are installed in both the living room and bedroom. Press the reset button “>o<“ to silence if alarm is activated. Please DO NOT open the unit door if there is smoke in the room as the Fire Brigade may be engaged with a high cost. However if there is a fire please call 000 immediately!
  • Vending machine/Grocery/Super market info.
    There is a vending machine in the Reception area for guests to use. Grocery store in located on Tedder Ave and a 7-11 shop on Main Beach Parade down to the beach. Both stores are in walking distance. The nearest shopping centre is Australia Fair which has Woolworth/Coles, if you drive there that would take only about 5 minutes.
    2.00pm check in and 10.00am check out.
    Outdoor pool. Heated Spa. BBQ. Beauty salon.
    Depends on availability. Please check with receptionist extra charge may apply.
    Yes please check with our friendly staff at reception.
    Yes, reserved security access underground parking and strictly one park per apartment.
    Depends on availability. Please check with receptionist extra charge may apply.
    Yes. Our after hours service team will help you to check-in at any time without a hassle.
    Every 7 days.
    8:30 to 5:00 – Monday to Friday 9:00 to 12:00 Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.
    Some rooms have Foxtel box in room. If you require to watch Foxtel please check with our staff before check-in. It's free of charge however depends on availability.
    Yes free WIFI is available in room. Pass code will be provided at check-in. Late check-in guests will get the code in the welcome letter.
    Yes. Mirage Beauty & Day Spa is located in the resort. Please book an appointment by calling: 0419 020 405.
  • Can I extend/reduce my stay?
    For any dates changing please contact us via Live Chat or via email/web form so we can get back to you ASAP.
  • Can I get a late check-out?
    Yes a late check-out could be possible depends on availabilities. Please use the Live Chat function available. Send us the message in format: Room number: Guest name: Requested check out time is: We will get back to you asap to confirm.
  • Difference between "Superior Ocean View" and "Ocean View" room."
    At Maldives Resort Main Beach we offer Ocean View Rooms and Superior Ocean View Rooms. Both rooms have stunning ocean views, however the main difference between the two rooms is the Superior Ocean View rooms have been recently renovated.
  • Are there any particular House Rules I need to be aware of?
    •No parties or events •Pets are NOT allowed •No smoking in the room or on the balcony •Maximum 3 visitors and must leave before 11pm •Parking in allocated space only in the basement •Parking in Visitor car park must register at Reception
  • Car Parking
    There is 1 car space per room in the undercover car park which is included in the room rate. Basement car park height clearance is 2.1 m. Your parking is allocated and the parking number is attached to your keys.

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